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This training course is designed for beginners who has almost no solid knowledge of optical fibers. The course provides the necessary knowledge to the individuals to have a good start in this field. Trainees will gain the skills to understand the details of optical fibers and cables as listed in the outlines.

Who should attend the training

Engineers, technicians, supervisors and managers working or intending to work in fiber optics.

The training time: (24 Hours)

Prerequisite: Not required.

Objectives of the training are to:

Value the advantages of optical fibers compared to metallic cables

Create good understanding of optical fibers and cables

Develop skills to characterize transmission in optical fibers.

Categorize and justify the powerloss sources in optical fibers.

The training course outlines

1-The training course treats the following major topics:

Optical fibers- advantages and principles: advantages of optical fibers compared to metallic wires and cables, optical fiber design and size standards, their applications, light propagation in fibers, characteristics of single-mode fibers and multimode fibers, manufacturing techniques, bandwidth and attenuation curves, step-index and graded index fibers.

2-Fiber connectors.

3-Fiber cables- types of cables based on installation requirements, cable construction and specifications, cable marking, burial and aerial and installations, environment and pollution effect on fiber efficiency.

4-Splices- temporary/mechanical splices and permanent/fusion splices.

5-Enclosures & panels- panels and distribution, patches, application issues and selection criteria, enclosures, re-entry and expansion capabilities, routing and preparation.

6-Equipment for measurement.

7-OTDR applications.

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