Middle East Universite U.K

About US

The Middle East Universite Educational Foundation is an institution owned by the World E-Learning Organization. It is registered in the Companies House, United Kingdom, under the number 14162056, and listed as an educational service provider in the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). The foundation offers higher education and university-level education services in a modern approach, tailored for students in the Middle East region. Our programs are conducted in Arabic and several other languages

Our Vision

To be pioneers in providing high-quality higher education online, inspiring and impacting the communities we serve

Our Mission

To provide high-quality education accessible to all, regardless of their geographic location or circumstances

Institution Goals

Empower students to become globally competent professionals. Enhance research and innovation in various fields of study. Support lifelong learning and offer sustainable educational programs.


A distinguished faculty comprising experts in their respective fields. Strong faculty-student engagement for mentorship and support.

Academic Programs

A diverse range of academic programs including Sciences, Engineering, Management, Arts, and Technology. Tailored programs to meet the needs of the job market and industry requirements.





Technology and Infrastructure

  • Utilization of cutting-edge technology to support effective online learning and ensure active engagement between students and academic content.
  • Robust infrastructure ensuring smooth and stable access to educational platforms.

Commitment to Quality Education

  • Ongoing quality assurance involving performance evaluation and continuous improvement of academic programs.
  • Adherence to higher education standards and innovative teaching and learning techniques.
  • Careful and strict monitoring of tests and evaluation by supervisors
  • Non-discrimination and achieving equality among all individuals
  • Choosing a highly qualified faculty with strong experience
  • Choosing high-quality educational curricula according to the best systems and latest technologies
  • Supporting all students and applicants and directing them in the correct way to achieve the best educational results and outcomes, removing obstacles and facilitating the educational process
  • Supervising, publishing and supporting scientific research with all capabilities

Community and Social Responsibility

Commitment to serving the community through volunteer programs and social initiatives. Support for local and international initiatives promoting sustainable education and development.

General Director

Mr.Mohieddin Alsamadi

Academic supervision

Prof. Dr.Noureddin Ibrahim

Academic supervision

Dr.Habba Binmadioni

Academic supervision​

Dr.Naser Saleh Mesheherawi

Academic supervision

Dr. Mayson Alnabaheen

Academic supervision

Dr.Hazim Sasse 

Academic supervision​

Eng.Ammar Jabakji

Academic advisor

Eng.Maryam Alhallaq

Membership of WELO


Eng. Azzam Zaqzok

Membership of WELO

Academic supervision​

Dr.Shehata Alshekh

Academic advisor

Dr.Mohammed Omar Adam


Dr.Omaimah Hamdani