Child Psychology

Child Psychology

The Child Psychology is a comprehensive professional training program designed for individuals seeking a career in this field. It covers essential aspects of child development, the role of child psychologists, and common issues experienced during infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

This course is enriched with practical case studies and training exercises, providing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in child psychology. By completing this program, you will acquire the necessary real-world skills and insights to advance rapidly in your career within this domain. The course delves into the therapeutic relationship, and you will become well-versed in various cognitive development theories.

Under the guidance of instructors, you will gain a deep understanding of the different stages of child development, including cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Additionally, the course will explore significant factors that influence a child’s development. In-depth discussions will also cover essential topics like child attachment, parenting styles, and communication issues.

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Who should take the course

This comprehensive training course is ideal for new and aspiring child psychologists, as well as anyone looking to start a career in a related profession, such as:

·         Child Psychologist

·         Child Psychotherapist

·         Play Therapist

·         Family Therapist

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of child development

·         Identify the stages and areas of child development, from infancy to adulthood

·         Identify the stages of psychosocial development in children

·         Understand attachment and relationship-building in child development

·         Recognise the effects of separation and loss of attachment on children

·         List the factors that impact and influence development in children

·         Show an understanding of basic cognitive development theories

·         Discuss in detail the stages of social and emotional development in children

·         Understand the stages and theories of moral growth in children

·         Identify the causes, symptoms and treatment of drug abuse and other mental health issues in adolescents

Course Curriculum

  01: Child Psychology and Its Major Context

  02: Understanding Child Development

  03: The Scope and Stages of Child Development

  04: The Areas of Child Development

  05: Erikson’s Theory of Child Development

  06: Attachment and Relationship Building in Childhood

  07: Impacts of Separation and Loss of Attachment

  08: Factors That Influence Development

  09: Cognitive Development

  10: Social and Emotional Development

  11: Moral and Ethical Development in Children

  12: Personality and Intellectual Development in Children

  13: Language Development

  14: Problems of Infancy

  15:Problems in Childhood and Adolescence

  16: Problems of Adolescence


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