Business Administration

Business Administration Courses offer a comprehensive and expertly guided exploration of the subject, equipping you with the necessary expertise from the ground up. This program empowers you to attain a professional certificate at no cost, serving as a tangible testament to your accomplishments in the professional realm.

Our Business Administration Courses present an all-encompassing, instructor-led learning experience. Crafted meticulously, the curriculum delves deep into the intricacies of the field, unraveling its essence and illuminating your pivotal role within it.

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, a specific skill set is imperative for achieving prosperity in your chosen vocation. Through this immersive educational journey, you’ll cultivate an array of high-demand proficiencies, furnishing you with a formidable foundation to initiate your career and enhance your pre-existing aptitudes.

With our online training materials, you have the liberty to learn at your own pace, seamlessly propelling your career forward. Take advantage of this opportunity to expedite your professional growth effortlessly.

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Are you ready to transform your career and seize the world of business by storm? Look no further! Our acclaimed Electronic University proudly presents an unbeatable opportunity – an exceptional Business Administration Educational Course that caters to various levels and academic degrees.

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Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or looking to switch careers, our Business Administration Course offers specialized tracks to accommodate your unique aspirations:

– **Foundational Level:** Lay the groundwork for your journey into the business world. Build a strong understanding of fundamental concepts.

– **Intermediate Level:** Elevate your expertise with advanced modules. Dive deeper into strategic planning, leadership, and decision-making.

– **Advanced Level:** Propel your career to new heights. Master complex business strategies and position yourself as a dynamic leader.

– **Degree Programs:** Pursue an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or even a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Elevate your academic qualifications and prospects!

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1. **Flexible Learning:** Study at your convenience. Our online platform allows you to balance learning with your commitments.

2. **Expert Faculty:** Learn from industry leaders and seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights into the virtual classroom.

3. **Tailored Curriculum:** Each level is meticulously crafted to provide you with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills.

4. **Hands-On Experience:** Engage in practical projects, case studies, and simulations to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

5. **Networking Opportunities:** Connect with a diverse community of learners, fostering relationships that could lead to collaborations and partnerships.

6. **Career Advancement:** Equip yourself with the tools to excel in today’s competitive job market. Enhance your resume with valuable skills and certifications.

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Course Curriculum

Module 01: Accounting Concepts and Standards

Module 02: Balance Sheet

Module 03: Income statement

Module 04: Financial statements

Module 05: Cash Flow Statements

Module 06: Understanding Profit and Loss Statement

Module 07: Financial Budgeting and Planning

Module 08: Introduction to Finance

Module 09: Essential Skill for Financial Advisor

Module 10: Financial Planning

Module 11: Financial Risk Management and Assessment

Module 12: Investment Planning

Module 13: Business Processes

Module 14: Ratio Analysis

Module 15: Planning & Forecasting Operations

Module 16: Ten Common Statistical Mistakes

Module 17: Needs Assessment

Module 18: Business Analysis Planning

Module 19: Strategy Analysis

Module 20: Stakeholder Analysis

Module 21: Business Development and Succession Planning

Module 22: Process Management

Module 23: Supply Chain Management

Module 24: Procurement & Purchasing Management

Module 25: Project Management

Module 26: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Module 27: Strategic Analysis and Product Scope

Module 28: Quality Management

Module 29: Negotiation Techniques

Module 30: Communication Skills

Module 31: Skills of an Effective Administrator

Module 32: What is Marketing?

Module 33: Common Marketing Types (I)

Module 34: Common Marketing Types (II)

Module 35: Business Etiquette

Module 36: Introduction to Strategic Management Business

Module 37: Corporate Governance

Module 38: Industry Analysis

Module 39: Strategy Formulation

Module 40: Strategy Implementation

Module 41: Building a Brand

Module 42: Generating Success from the Customer Relationship

Module 43: Understanding Business Law

Module 44: Contract & Business Law

Module 45: Consumer Law and Protection

Module 46: Introduction to Human Resources

Module 47: Business Proposal Writing

Module 48: The Market System and the Circular Flow Model

Module 49: Supply, Demand and Prices

Module 50: Market Structure: Perfect Competition vs Monopoly


70Hours, 4 Semesters


126Hours, 8 Semesters


36Hours,2 Semesters


54Hours, 4 Semesters

Registration steps:

First: Pay the application fee of $50 first

Second: Fill out the form below and attach copies of your documents and a copy of the payment